The following is a list of ships, boats, and submarines utilized by the Adanese Navy.

The navy currently maintains 258 ships, 242 of which are active, has 10 under construction, and a further 21 planned, as well as 31 auxiliary ships, for a total of 324 vessels. As per the 2013 NAR Strategic Outlook, it is planned that in 2020, the navy will have 270 ships, including 250 active, none under construction or on order, and 30 auxiliary, for a 300-ship navy. The long-term plan, for 2050, is to reduce the navy's size to 200 ships.

Surface shipsEdit

Aircraft carriersEdit

Kemal Atatürk classEdit

The Atatürk class is Adana's first nuclear-powered carrier class.

  • ARS Kemal Talley (ACN-01)
  • ARS Sabiha Gökçen (ACN-02)
  • ARS Christopher Nevlin (ACN-03)
  • ARS Mehmet Sebancı (ACN-04)
  • ARS Kaan Bates (ACN-05)
  • ARS Aytaç Yerli (ACN-06)

Independence classEdit

The Independence-class aircraft carriers are the world's largest, and are capable of launching up to 5 aircraft at any given time.

  • ARS Independence (ACN-10)
  • ARS Liberty (ACN-11)
  • ARS Freedom (ACN-12)
  • ARS Sovereignty (ACN-13)

Tern classEdit

  • ARS Tern (ACN-14)
  • ARS Plover (ACN-15)
  • ARS Fulmar (ACN-16)

Air-cushioned landing craftEdit

Bastok classEdit

Consists of about 75 craft.

Amphibious transport shipsEdit

Miracle classEdit

  • ARS Miracle (ATS-1), retired 4 May 2015, undergoing conversion to museum ship
  • ARS Lake Van (ATS-2), retired 4 May 2015, sunk as artificial reef
  • ARS Marmara Bay (ATS-3), retired 4 May 2015, sunk as artificial reef

Sand Island classEdit

  • ARS Sand Island (ATS-4)
  • ARS Tarsus (ATS-5)
  • ARS Eris Bay (ATS-6)
  • ARS Alexander City (ATS-7)
  • ARS Embersville (ATS-8)
  • ARS Salda (ATS-9), Reserve Fleet
  • ARS Fort McAfee (ATS-10), Reserve Fleet
  • ARS Owl Island (ATS-11), Reserve Fleet

Albion class (United Kingdom)Edit

  • ARS Edmundsbury (ATS-12)
  • ARS Waveney (ATS-13)
  • ARS Haverhill (ATS-14)

Bay class (United Kingdom)Edit

Modified Rotterdam class (The Netherlands)

  • ARS Kralingen (ATS-15)
    800px-RFA Cardigan Bay (L3009) - La Spézia

    Bay class landing ship dock

  • ARS Rozenburg (ATS-16)

Mistral class (France)Edit

  • ARS Languedoc (ATS-17)

San Antonio class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Santa Ana (ATS-18)
  • ARS Port Nimitz (ATS-19)
  • ARS Port Sandecker (ATS-20)
  • ARS Port Pitt (ATS-21)
  • ARS Cape Girardeau (ATS-22)

Crowne Beach classEdit


Ararat classEdit

  • ARS Ararat (BC-1), retired 31 October 2015
  • ARS Byrd (BC-2), retired 19 December 2015
  • ARS Dew (BC-3), retired 17 November 2016
  • ARS Mackenzie (BC-4), to be retired 2018
  • ARS Vernon (BC-5)

Glubina classEdit

Design based on scaled-down Miracle V class battleship.
ARS Glubina BC-6

Glubina class battlecruiser

  • ARS Glubina (BC-6)
  • ARS Kalana (BC-7), undergoing sea trials
  • ARS Waldreich (BC-8), under construction
  • ARS Schirm (BC-9), under construction
  • ARS Vinson (BC-10), planned


Miracle IV classEdit

  • ARS Miracle IV (BN-1), retired 13 April 2015, undergoing conversion to museum ship
  • ARS Faithful (BN-2), retired 19 December 2015, awaiting conversion to museum ship
  • ARS Endurance (BN-4), to be retired 2018

Splendor classEdit

  • ARS Splendor (BPN-8)

Alpha classEdit

  • ARS Alpha (BPN-9), undergoing sea trials

Miracle V classEdit

The Miracle V class of battleships are to be the replacements for the aging Miracle IV class in place of the Alpha class, which was shown to have several major deficiencies. Current designs indicate that the Miracle V class may be guided missile battleships instead of a pulsed-energy projectile type.

  • ARS Miracle V (BGN-11)
    ARS Miracle V BGN-11

    Miracle V class battleship

  • ARS Intrepid (BGN-12), undergoing sea trials
  • ARS Fiend (BGN-13), under construction
  • ARS Vixen (BGN-14), under construction
  • ARS Havoc (BGN-15), planned
  • ARS Harrowing (BGN-16), planned

Command shipsEdit

New Alexander City classEdit

  • ARS New Alexander City (XS-1)
  • ARS Anavarza (XS-2)
  • ARS Anchorage (XS-3)
  • ARS Bering (XS-4)
  • ARS Brunswick (XS-5)
  • ARS Douçhe (XS-6)
  • ARS Ezurum (XS-7)
  • ARS İncirlik (XS-8)
  • ARS Grunwald (XS-9)
  • ARS Norfolk (XS-10)
  • ARS November City (XS-11)
  • ARS Oured (XS-12)

Absalon class (Denmark)Edit

  • ARS Pulchella (XS-13), Reserve Fleet
  • ARS Saint Louis (XS-14), Reserve Fleet

Corvettes & Fast attack boatsEdit

Ada class (Turkey)Edit

  • ARS Diamond (QA-11)
  • ARS Emerald (QA-12)
  • ARS Ruby (QA-13)
  • ARS Sapphire (QA-14)
  • ARS Turquoise (QA-15)
    800px-F-511 TCG Heybeliada MILGEM corvette sea trials

    Ada class corvette

  • ARS Aquamarine (QA-16)
  • ARS Jade (QA-17)
  • ARS Topaz (QA-18)
  • ARS Quartz (QA-19)
  • ARS Amber (QA-20)
  • ARS Pearl (QA-21)
  • ARS Onyx (QA-22)

Pegasus class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Aries (QA-25)
  • ARS Taurus (QA-26)
  • ARS Gemini (QA-27)
  • ARS Cancer (QA-28)
  • ARS Leo (QA-29)
  • ARS Virgo (QA-30)
  • ARS Libra (QA-31)
  • ARS Scorpio (QA-32)
  • ARS Sagittarius (QA-33)
  • ARS Capricorn (QA-34)
  • ARS Aquarius (QA-35)
  • ARS Pisces (QA-36)

Braunschweig class (Germany)Edit

Inherited from Democratic Republic of East Adana

  • ARS West Brook (QA-38), Reserve Fleet
  • ARS Dutch Harbor (QA-39), Reserve Fleet

Visby class (Sweden)Edit

  • ARS Warberg (QA-40)
  • ARS Tarwater (QA-41)
  • ARS Tucker (QA-42)
  • ARS Carmichael (QA-43)
  • ARS Stinson (QA-44)
  • ARS Smulders (QA-45)
  • ARS Hannigan (QA-46)
  • ARS Erdenay (QA-47)
  • ARS Tekin (QA-48)
  • ARS Gezmiş (QA-49)

Skjold class (Norway)Edit

  • ARS Albatross (QA-50)
  • ARS Osman (QA-51)


Lancer classEdit

  • ARS Lancer (CC-1)
  • ARS Eclipse (CC-2)
  • ARS Galant (CC-3)
  • ARS Raider (CC-4)
  • ARS Colt (CC-5)
  • ARS Montero (CC-6)
  • ARS Cedia (CC-7)
  • ARS Challenger (CC-8)
  • ARS Endeavor (CC-9)
  • ARS Tredia (CC-16)
  • ARS Cordia (CC-17)
  • ARS Starion (CC-18)
  • ARS Diamante (CC-19)
  • ARS Grunder (CC-20)
  • ARS Grandis (CC-21)
  • ARS Magna (CC-22), 
  • ARS Nimbus (CC-23)
  • ARS Freeca (CC-24)
  • ARS Minica (CC-25)
  • ARS Verada (CC-26)
  • ARS Mirage (CC-27)
  • ARS Sigma (CC-28)
  • ARS Nativa (CC-29)
  • ARS Forte (CC-30)


Hariya classEdit

  • ARS Hariya (DD-1)
  • ARS Yanagida (DD-2)
  • ARS Nishisonogi (DD-3)
Modified Hariya class AEdit
  • ARS Kitamatsuura (DDH-4)
Modified Hariya class BEdit
  • ARS Shiga (DDG-5)

Atago class (Japan)Edit

Modified Arleigh Burke class (United States)

  • ARS Anguirus (DDG-6)
  • ARS Gyaos (DDG-7)
  • ARS Moguera (DDG-8)
  • ARS Kumasogami (DDG-9)
  • ARS Vogt (DDG-26)

    Atago class destroyer

  • ARS Paligulan (DDG-27)
  • ARS Meerwald (DDG-28)
  • ARS Jing Peking (DDG-29)
  • ARS George McKay (DDG-30)
  • ARS Chimenti (DDG-31)
  • ARS Applewhite (DDG-32)
  • ARS Ryu (DDG-33)
  • ARS Hatsuyuki (DDG-34)
  • ARS Tokiwa (DDG-35)
  • ARS Takanawa (DDG-36)
  • ARS Makano (DDG-37)
  • ARS Hayabusa (DDG-38)
  • ARS Akizuki (DDG-39)
  • ARS Enoshima (DDG-40)
  • ARS Asagiri (DDG-41)
  • ARS Abukuma (DDG-42)
  • ARS Oyashio (DDG-43)
  • ARS Kirishima (DDG-44)
  • ARS Chokai (DDG-45)
  • ARS Zipang (DDG-46)
  • ARS Mirai (DDG-47)
  • ARS Mutsu (DDG-48)
  • ARS Umidori (DDG-49)
  • ARS Kuma (DDG-50)

Iroquois class (Canada)Edit

  • ARS George Vancouver (DDH-10), to be retired in 2020
    800px-HMCS Iroquois NRP 88 jeh

    Iroquois class destroyer

  • ARS Nichola Goddard (DDH-11), to be retired in 2020
  • ARS Thomas Prince (DDG-12), to be retired in 2020
  • ARS Maurice Baril (DDG-13), to be retired in 2020
  • ARS Robert Timberell (DDG-14), to be retired in 2020

Zumwalt class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Gotengo (DDG-15), under construction, introduction in 2019
  • ARS Atragon (DDG-54), planned, for introduction in 2020
  • ARS Eclair (DDG-55), planned, for introduction in 2020
  • ARS Karyu (DDG-56), planned, for introduction in 2020
  • ARS Rumbling (DDG-57), planned, for introduction in 2020

Vulcan classEdit

  • ARS Vulcan (DDG-16)
  • ARS Phalanx (DDG-17)
  • ARS Panther (DDG-18)
  • ARS Avenger (DDG-19)
  • ARS Spectres (DDG-20)
  • ARS Gatling (DDG-21)
  • ARS Zenith (DDG-22)
  • ARS Breda (DDG-23)
  • ARS Browning (DDG-24)
  • ARS Beretta (DDG-25)

Daring class (United Kingdom)Edit

  • ARS Diligent (DD-51)
    800px-HMS Daring (D32)-Portsmouth-03

    Type 45 (Daring) class destroyer

  • ARS Doughty (DD-52)
  • ARS Dominant (DD-53)


G class (Turkey)Edit

Modernized Oliver Hazard Perry class (United States)

  • ARS Hadis Açıkgöz (FFG-1)
  • ARS Ertuğrul Duruöz (FFG-2)
    800px-F-493 TCG Gelibolu

    G class frigate

  • ARS Demet Kınay (FFG-3)
  • ARS James Patillo (FFG-4)
  • ARS Muhtar Kent (FFG-5)
  • ARS Gavin Jones (FFG-6)
  • ARS Sabahattin Gölhan (FFG-7)
  • ARS Fevzi Artunkal (FFG-8)
  • ARS Monique Konaré (FFG-9), Reserve Fleet
  • ARS Calbraith Rodgers (FFG-10), Reserve Fleet

La Fayette class (France)Edit

  • ARS Veyron (FFG-11)
  • ARS Reno (FFG-12)
  • ARS Tatopulous (FFG-13)
  • ARS Dupre (FFG-14)

De Zeven Provinciën class (The Netherlands)Edit

  • ARS Mitropoulos (FFG-15)
    800px-Fregatte De Zeven Provincien 2494

    De Zeven Provincien class frigate

  • ARS Hague (FFG-16)
  • ARS Breda (FFG-17)
  • ARS Eindhoven (FFG-18)
  • ARS Almere (FFG-19)
  • ARS Griningen (FFG-20)

Littoral combat shipsEdit

Freedom class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Mugu Bay (LCV-1)
  • ARS Toho Bay (LCV-2)
  • ARS Sitka Strait (LCV-3)

Mine warfare & countermeasure shipsEdit

Ensdorf class (Germany)Edit

  • ARS Dempsey (MW-3)
  • ARS Dhawan (MW-4)
  • ARS Hazlewood (MW-5)
  • ARS Bader (MW-6)

A class (Turkey)Edit

  • ARS Abeking (MW-7)
    A class turkey

    A class minehunter

  • ARS Akhtar (MW-8)
  • ARS Anatre (MW-10)

McCaffrey class mine corvetteEdit

  • ARS McCaffrey (MW-9)
  • ARS Blade (MW-11)
  • ARS Luna (MW-12)
  • ARS Alkin (MW-13)
  • ARS Preston (MW-14)

Patrol shipEdit

Sea Fighter class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Viper (PS-1)
    Sea Fighter class usa

    Sea Fighter class littoral combat ship

  • ARS Hornet (PS-2)
  • ARS Eagle (PS-3)
  • ARS Lightning (PS-4)
  • ARS Mustang (PS-5)
  • ARS Harrier (PS-6)
  • ARS Prowler (PS-7)
  • ARS Cheetah (PS-8)
  • ARS Tornado (PS-9)
  • ARS Sabre (PS-10)

Stealth incursion transportsEdit

Sea Shadow class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Shadow (IT-1)
    US Navy Sea Shadow stealth craft

    Sea Shadow class stealth technology demonstrator

  • ARS Spirit (IT-2)

S/VTOL carriersEdit

Hyūga class (Japan)Edit

Canberra class (Australia)Edit

  • ARS Alexander Burton (SC-3)

Cyclone classEdit

  • ARS Cyclone (SCN-4)
  • ARS Reaper (SCN-5)
  • ARS Bane (SCN-6)
  • ARS Squall (SCN-7)

Submersible boatsEdit

Attack submarinesEdit

Virginia Class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Elizabeth City (SAN-5)
    ARS Elizabeth City SAN5

    ARS Elizabeth City

  • ARS Alconbury (SAN-6)
  • ARS Esenboğa (SAN-7)
  • ARS Derince (SAN-8)
  • ARS Bafra (SAN-9)
  • ARS Rize (SAN-10)
  • ARS Saint Edmunds (SAN-11)
  • ARS Simonds (SAN-12)
  • ARS Sorgun (SAN-13)

Megalon classEdit

  • ARS Megalon (SAN-14)
  • ARS Ebirah (SAN-15)
  • ARS Maguma (SAN-16)
  • ARS Bloodfish (SAN-17)
  • ARS Orochi (SAN-18)
  • ARS Zigra (SAN-19)
  • ARS Satsuma (SAN-20)

Astute class (United Kingdom)Edit

  • ARS Javelin (SAN-35)
  • ARS Wenlock (SAN-36)
  • ARS Mandeville (SAN-37)
  • ARS Stratford (SAN-38)
  • ARS Sullivan (SAN-39)

Yasen class (Russian Federation)Edit

  • ARS Khil (SAN-40)
  • ARS Iyuli (SAN-41), under construction

Barracuda class (France)Edit

  • ARS Davenport (SAN-42)
  • ARS Barczak (SAN-43)

Ballistic missile submarinesEdit

Scinfaxi classEdit

Guided missile submarinesEdit

Ohio class (United States)Edit

  • ARS Cleveland (SGN-28)
  • ARS Portland (SGN-29)
  • ARS Swanson (SGN-30)

Zephyr classEdit

  • ARS Zephyr (SGN-31)
  • ARS Landon (SGN-32)
  • ARS Rhapsody (SGN-33)
  • ARS Allegro (SGN-34)

Miniature attack submersiblesEdit

Mini attack subs are quite powerful, even for their small size. They are generally manned by 2 sailors, though newer models can be remotely operated; and are deployed from Scinfaxi-class submarines for sub-to-sub and sub-to-surface combat.

Auxiliary vesselsEdit

Defense Testbed ShipsEdit

"2010" classEdit

  • ARS Ballard (DTS-2)

Modified Miracle IV class battleshipEdit

Hospital shipsEdit

Modified Sand Island class ATSEdit

  • RAHS Asclepius (HS-7)
  • RAHS Aceso (HS-8)
  • RAHS Iaso (HS-9)

Repair and replenishment shipsEdit

Berlin class (Germany)Edit

  • ARAS Kohl (RS-1)
  • ARAS Mannheim (RS-2)
  • ARAS Onur (RS-3)
  • ARAS Özdemir (RS-4)
  • ARAS Bachmann (RS-5)

Submarine tenders (Surface)Edit

Foster classEdit

  • ARAS Foster (ST-1)
  • ARAS Fowlkes (ST-2)

Submarine tenders (Submersible)Edit

Anea classEdit

  • ARAS Anea (ST-4)
  • ARAS Emmeria (ST-5)
  • ARAS Estovakia (ST-6)
  • ARAS Nordennavic (ST-7)

Transport shipsEdit

Lewis and Clark class (United States)Edit

  • ARAS Drouillard (MT-1)
    ARS Drouillard MT1

    ARAS Drouillard

  • ARAS Marquart (MT-2)
  • ARAS Ducey (MT-3)
  • ARAS Porter (MT-4)
  • ARAS Lee (MT-5)
  • ARAS Chalayan (MT-6)
  • ARAS Sahin (MT-7)
  • ARAS Bir (MT-8)
  • ARAS Akurgal (MT-9)
  • ARAS Tanyu (MT-10)
  • ARAS Camondo (MT-11)
  • ARAS Çelebi (MT-12)
  • ARAS Mahruki (MT-13)
  • ARAS Chahon (MT-14)
  • ARAS Simms (MT-15)
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