Alexander Plaza Towers
İskender Meydanı Kuleleri


Alexander City, Çukurova




5 March 2004


610.8 metres (Tower 1, floor to roof)
457.5 metres (Towers 2-5)

Floor count

125 (Tower 1)
92 (Towers 2-5)

The Alexander Plaza Towers are a complex of five buildings in Alexander City, Çukurova. The complex officially opened on 5 March 2004. One Alexander Plaza (the central tower) is the tallest building in the country, and was the tallest in world at the time of its completion. The other buildings are three quarters of its size and house the headquarters of the primary subsidiaries of Alexander Enterprises.

The complex was designed by company president Kemal Talley and the Alexander Enterprises Architectural Advisory Board. Construction began in January 2000 and the project was completed by early 2004, through the aid of using prefabricated components in the buildings' construction.

Design[edit | edit source]

The towers are of cylindrical design, and sport an exterior of blue glass in a modern architectural style. The top floor of each tower houses large executive offices, and the central tower features a 90 metre communications mast (replacing the original 200 foot one damaged in a storm in 2008).

Each subsidiary tower is connected to the central building by a three-story skybridge on the 31st-33rd floors, which rest on the side of the main tower on its larger cylindrical base.

Greater Alexander Plaza Complex[edit | edit source]

In the area immediately surrounding Alexander Plaza are an assortment of buildings constructed for Alexander Enterprises since the Plaza itself that serve additional use to the company and the public. Among these is the Intro Media Centre for the Performing Arts and the Alexander Plaza Transportation Hub.

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