Alexander Aerospace Technologies
İskender Havacılık Teknolojileri



Traded as



March 4, 19XX


Kemal Talley


Alexander Tower
İncirlik, CU

Area served


Key people

Kemal Talley (President)
Megan Sabancı (CEO)

Operating income

6.58 billion lira (2010)


Approx. 201,000


Alexander Aeronautical Defence Systems
Alexander Aircraft Holding Company
Van Aviation

Alexander Aerospace Technologies, also known as AirTech, is an İncirlik-based aircraft manufacturing and defence firm created and owned by Kemal Talley. It is among the world's largest aerospace companies in all general terms. and is the Adanese Armed Forces' largest domestic supplier of aeronautical products.

History[edit | edit source]

Divisions[edit | edit source]

Products[edit | edit source]

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Alphanumeric designation system[edit | edit source]

Alexander's aircraft use the prefix "AT," standing for "Alexander Type," while Mobius Division uses "SA," for "Supersonic Aircraft" or "Supersonic Alexander." The company's first aircraft was simply called the "Model 1," while its derivative was designated "AT-2." After this, it was decided that only jet-powered aircraft would use a hyphen, while propeller-driven planes would not. (e.g. AT3, AT-5) The numbering was largely random in its early years. In 2012 the company officially required sequential numbering, but grandfathered in existing models and projects. The first aircraft affected by the requirement was the SA-14 (Mobius aircraft had formerly sequenced planes in the hundreds). The SA-17X and SA-18X lineups were semi-exempted from the practice.

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