Çankaya Island and Primier Campus
Çankaya Ada ve Başbakan Kampus

Inaugural Holder

Kemal Talley


20 April 2008


2.3 mi²
3.7 ki²

Çankaya Island is the home to the Çankaya Island Primier Campus official residence of the Prime Minister of Adana. It is located in the heart of Downtown New Alexander City at a point at the Capital River where it splits into two and rejoins about two and and a half kilometres later (the east branch retains the name of the Capital River, while the west is called Çankaya Creek). The name is occasionally used as a metonym for the sitting administration. Çankaya stretches over nearly four square kilometres of land with its place in the history of the Adanese Republic. The Çankaya compound houses the Primier Mansion, home to the Prime Minister, as well as the office of the Chief Aide-de-Camp, reception halls and a press conference hall. The island also features athletic facilities, a marina, clinic, and a greenhouse, as well as barracks of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Social facilities[edit | edit source]

The social facilities are composed of a sports hall and cafeteria and has a construction area of approximately 1,500 metres squared. The construction of the facility, which is composed of two stories, started in April 2008 and was completed the following January.

Çiller Medical Centre[edit | edit source]

The health centre can provide services with a dentist, family physician, pediatrician, a sufficient number of nurses and a laboratory for the personnel on duty at the Primier General Secretariat.

Greenhouse, parks, and gardens[edit | edit source]

A new and contemporary greenhouse project was prepared and started in October 2008. The greenhouse and Grounds Management building, which sit on a total area of 1,400 metres squared, was completed in the spring of 2009.

A large garden sits on the site of the original Primier mansion, which was never completed and collapsed during the Cold War.

Main gate[edit | edit source]

Gate No. 1, located on the east side of the island, is the main entrance gate of the Primier Campus, and is also called the Protocol Gate. As it can also be understood from its name, most protocol entrances are made from this gate.

All entrances feature bronze gates with twin 25 square metre gatehouses with wall coverings from andesite stone.

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